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Instagram Implements New Initiatives To Protect Young Users

23.06.2022 02:59 AM
Instagram Implements New Initiatives To Protect Young Users
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Instagram Implements New Initiatives To Protect Young Users

Instagram is moving towards implementing new tools to enforce age policies, at a time when children are spending more time in front of phone screens, and warnings about the impact of social networks on them, according to the American Axios website.

And Instagram said that from the United States it will start implementing restrictions that stipulate that if a user attempts to modify his birth date from under 18 to over 18, he will have to prove his age through strict methods.

Three aggravating methods

The site pointed out that three ways will make it verify the real age of the user, including uploading the user's identification cards, which are deleted within 30 days.

The second method would be by recording a selfie video, reviewed by Yoti, a company that uses facial analysis technology to estimate age, and then deleted the video.

The third method would be to ask three joint followers of at least 18 years of age to confirm the age of the users, an option that Instagram calls Social Security.

This comes as social networking giants wrestle with ways to ascertain the age of their visitors; to avoid collisions with regulators and create safer online experiences for children, according to Axios.

The apps are testing ways to verify ages that go beyond asking users to type in their date of birth, as well as design separate versions of their services for younger users.

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