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Types of e-commerce and online businesses!

18.06.2022 03:45 AM
Types of e-commerce and online businesses!
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Types of e-commerce and online businesses!

The world of e-commerce has witnessed a wide growth in the last two decades, and this growth has increased more and more during times of quarantine and social distancing.

There is no doubt that this wide spread of e-commerce platforms around the world will bring about changes in the behavior of the buyers of these sites.

The latest statistics speak of the arrival of the number of customers via the Internet to about 2 billion people around the world, and the current e-commerce through smart phones accounts for 72% of the total e-commerce globally (source)

As soon as the term e-commerce is mentioned, people think of the most common type of e- commerce, i.e. what is known as the B2C system, which is termed as the activity and business that targets individual customers. It has become a well-known tradition that this site includes an e- payment method so that the customer completes the purchase and payment from the same site, and if the Covid 19 pandemic has proven anything, it has proven beyond any doubt that creating an online store has become a necessity and that the future is inevitably heading towards online commerce!

Now after this introduction, let's start with the following question: What are the most popular types of e- commerce?

B2B merchant to merchant (company to business)

Trade in this case is between two commercial companies, and the business relationship here is often long-term, and is not limited to the purchase of a product only, as is the case in the B2C type. Such as e-marketing and advertising agencies and technology solutions companies for offices and companies.

C2C consumer to consumer

This type has become popular with the spread of electronic market sites in which individuals offer their products for sale to other individuals, provided that the site through which the sale takes place receives a commission at a previously agreed upon percentage. One of the most famous examples of this is eBay.

B2G Company to government

This trade is based on the sale of a product or service from a commercial party providing it to a government authority, such as a specialized company executing a bid to create a website for a service with a government transaction and developing an application related to the same matter.

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While setting up your eCommerce website, ensure that you have created objectives for your site. This will ensure that your strategy is aligned with the layout of your site. Objectives can include:

Live Video Streaming
Live video streaming lets you engage with your audience in real time with a video feed. Broadcast your daily show to your audience with no limits, no buffering and high quality videos. Reach all devices anytime anywhere with different video qualities that suits any device and any connection.
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