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5 Reasons to move your small business online

19.02.2021 03:35 AM
5 Reasons to move your small business online
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5 Reasons to move your small business online
Whether you are a traditional offline business or a digital one from the start, we all came to realize that the dynamics of doing business namely for SMEs have drastically changed. We are in a full digital era that was accelerated drastically when Covid-19 first hit the globe and having a Website become more of a necessity than a choice irrespective of the size of your business.
In fact, having a website and being digitally prepared proved to be a winning ticket for all businesses during the past year. Confined in their homes customers looked online for all their needs. They searched for their favorite brands, bought fashion and apparel online, ordered food online…. Businesses well-equipped to cater to digital needs with strong, secure, and scalable websites found ways to cope.
A Website is a simple and cost-effective solution to move your business online and grow it. 

Here are 5 reasons to prove why:
You are 24/7/365 available 
While many businesses boast about being available ALWAYS, it is very costly and demands huge resources. Online your business is always open and available for your customers. At night, during holidays, or even during a pandemic your customers can reach you, read about your products, place orders, watch classes, and contact your support. Even if your physical shop is closed, your prospective clients can check what they want, contact you, and visit you the next day while being well informed. 
You have no limits when it comes to Reach  
Your online business is not confined to a local market, a small town, or a region. If you want, you can expose your business to an international audience. Studies indicate a 40% increase in customer reach by making a business online through a Website. This means an increase in brand recognition, awareness, and revenue.  
You can convert prospects into customers 
The main objectives of having a website and digital business plan are to inform prospects, engage them and ultimately convert them into buyers. A Website is a brilliant informative tool that can reduce the time of the sales funnel and accelerate conversion but most importantly measure the sales effort in real-time. 
With your traditional business, you are limited to the number of individuals who can visit you at any given time. Online thousands are reached and engaged. The potential is much bigger. Investing in online marketing such as a good SEO plan, solid copywriting, and smart Social Media campaigns will turn this potential into real conversion reality. 
You will improve your company reputation  
A website allows you to give premium support service to your customers. In this digital era, customers demand fast replies to their queries. You can cater to that need in real-time by creating a sustainable FAQ (frequently asked question) section on your website, posting informative videos such as tutorials, or publish product specification sheets. Thus, clients would have many access points to contact you through email, chat, tickets, and phone. You will be able to answer their inquiries, solve their problems with minimum effort and time and help them make decisions before and after purchase. In return, this will improve your company's reputation and strengthen your credibility. 
You don’t have to pay a fortune 
Moving your business online does not necessarily incur a high cost. A professional and user-friendly Website can be easily built with the help of experienced people in the field of web development and digitization without spending thousands of dollars. Finding a trusted partner to build your website but also to help you grow your business online and manage it is key to success. Domain registration, Hosting plans and Content Management as well as Marketing are all traits to look for when choosing a platform to move your business online. 
Staying offline can lead to loss of audience, opportunities, and revenue. So what are you waiting for? Bring your business online. Reach new customers and grow your expanding potential. Remember to choose a trusted platform that is dynamic, young, and cost-effective. Contact dooklik sales team to talk with our experts and boost your business online.
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