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What are the most visited websites in 2021?

22.12.2021 04:01 AM
What are the most visited websites in 2021?
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What are the most visited websites in 2021?
Google dominated the list of the most visited sites annually in the world, but it seems that there is a new king, as the famous video application Tik Tok was able to eliminate Google's dominance and crown the title in 2021.

According to Cloudflare, which ranks website traffic in the world every year, the Chinese video application Tik Tok took first place to become the most visited website in the world for this year 2021.

Tik Tok managed to reach the top on February 17 of this year, then in March it had a few days in first place, but it was able to occupy the position permanently after August 10.

And Tik Tok last year 2020 was ranked seventh or eighth, but this year it managed to get high traffic that made it able to defeat Google, which includes many services such as translation, maps, images, news and other things that it provides to users.
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