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The Surprising Origins of Emojis: A Journey Back to 1988

17.05.2024 05:08 AM
The Surprising Origins of Emojis: A Journey Back to 1988
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The Surprising Origins of Emojis: A Journey Back to 1988
In a groundbreaking discovery, it has been revealed that the emojis we frequently use in our daily smartphone messages could date back to 1988. This fascinating insight comes from Matt Sefton, a game developer and blogger, who unearthed this information while delving into the history of emojis. Sefton discovered that the Japanese PA-8500 device featured a set of 102 emojis, albeit looking quite different from the emojis we know today.

Sefton explained that these early emojis were part of pre-internet technology, making them hard to find online and impossible to simulate. The only way to understand their functionality was through direct experience and reading the device’s manual. Initially, Sefton believed the first emojis were created by SoftBank in 1997. However, upon testing the PA-8500, released in 1988, he was astounded to find emojis similar to those on the PI-4000 device.

Sefton noted, “If we consider the PA device line, the PA-8500 was released in 1988, while the PA-7000, which did not have emojis, came out in 1987. Therefore, it is likely that the emoji set was created around this time.” This discovery significantly shifts the timeline of emoji history, suggesting that the development of these expressive symbols started much earlier than previously thought.

In conclusion, Matt Sefton's discovery about the PA-8500 not only provides a new understanding of the origins of emojis but also highlights the rich history of early digital communication tools. This finding encourages further exploration into the technological advancements of the 1980s and their impact on today's digital communication methods. As we continue to use emojis to express ourselves, it's fascinating to consider their long, hidden history and evolution.
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