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In Europe, TikTok's Reward Programme Is Under Regulation

23.04.2024 09:39 AM
In Europe, TikTok's Reward Programme Is Under Regulation
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In Europe, TikTok's Reward Programme Is Under Regulation

The TikTok Lite rewards programme, which compensates users for using the app, may be suspended by the European Commission. Commissioner Thierry Breton expressed his worries, describing the function as "toxic and addictive," particularly for young users.


In order to avoid suspension as early as April 25th, TikTok has until this Wednesday to defend their incentives programme. While expressing dissatisfaction with the choice, the business said it was prepared to take temporary action if necessary.


To find out if TikTok broke any EU regulations, formal actions have been started against the platform. Regulations that were implemented last year mandate that big platforms, such as TikTok, perform a risk assessment prior to making major modifications.



TikTok neglected to provide its risk assessment of the Task & Rewards programme on time, even after the Commission requested it. The Commission issues a warning on possible major harm to users' mental health.


France and Spain recently saw the launch of TikTok Lite's Task and Rewards programme. Though there have been worries expressed over the feature's possible detrimental effects on users' wellbeing, especially youngsters, it does provide users the opportunity to earn little prizes for using the app.


According to TikTok, the rewards programme is only available to users who are at least 18 years old, and there are systems in place to confirm this. The Commission questions the efficacy of these age verification procedures, nevertheless.



Beyond France and Spain, TikTok does not currently have any intentions to expand the rewards programme. This investigation marks the second formal inquiry into TikTok's practices in the EU. A prior investigation by the Commission looked at the company's adherence to child protection and data protection laws.


Companies such as TikTok may be subject to fines of up to 6% of their worldwide revenue for noncompliance with the EU's Digital Services Act. TikTok continues to collaborate with specialists on online safety and has promised to assist with the inquiry.


A TikTok representative reaffirmed that users under the age of 18 are not eligible for the rewards programme and that there are daily caps on the number of video watch tasks in response to the Commission's measures. In order to resolve concerns, the business plans to speak with the Commission again.

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