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5 Actions to Avoid While Using Your New Apple Glasses

13.02.2024 03:47 AM
5 Actions to Avoid While Using Your New Apple Glasses
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5 Actions to Avoid While Using Your New Apple Glasses

Many have delved into the realm of mixed reality with Apple Vision Pro glasses, exploring their functionalities. While some have taken to the streets wearing them and sharing their experiences on social media, it’s crucial to remember that these glasses should only be used in safe environments.

Apple emphasizes safety in its official guidelines, urging users to avoid the following actions while wearing Vision Pro glasses:

1-   Don’t Drive with Vision Pro:

Avoid wearing Apple glasses while driving, even if you can see your surroundings. Apple explicitly states that Vision Pro should never be worn while operating a moving vehicle or engaging in activities requiring attention to safety.

Additionally, wearing Vision Pro glasses can cause dizziness. If this occurs, remove the glasses and wait until the dizziness subsides before starting to drive or walk.

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2-   Don’t Run with Vision Pro:

Rapid movement while wearing Vision Pro is not advisable. Apple stresses moving calmly and slowly, as high-speed movements increase the risk of collision.

This applies to any situation that requires fast movements, whether it's fast walking, running, riding a motorcycle, or any other activity.

Introducing Apple Vision Pro: Apple's first spatial computer - Apple (HK)

3-   Avoid unsafe location:

Using Vision Pro in unsafe locations, where you can be exposed to a risk of falling or colliding, is not recommended.

Apple advises users to stay aware of their surroundings and body position while using the glasses. Vision Pro is designed to be used in flat and safe areas and should not be used around stairs, balconies, glass, mirrors, sharp objects, high heat sources, windows, or any other areas posing risks.

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4-   Do Not Use When Experiencing Medical Conditions:

Certain medical conditions require avoiding wearing Apple glasses, as some medical devices may not function properly with Vision Pro.

According to Apple’s guidelines for using its new glasses, refrain from using Vision Pro in case of dizziness, pregnancy, or suffering from certain medical conditions such as migraines, eye or vision problems, inner ear issues, or specific psychological conditions. Wearing Apple Vision Pro in these situations may exacerbate symptoms or discomfort.

Additionally, interference between Vision Pro or its battery and the medical device you’re using for treatment is possible.

In both cases, if unsure whether Apple glasses are suitable due to your health condition, it’s advisable to consult a physician before using them.

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5-   Limit Wear Time:

Prolonged use of Apple glasses increases the risk of fatigue and discomfort. Take regular breaks, especially if feeling tired, to adapt to Vision Pro properly.

Additionally, immediately stop using Vision Pro if you experience discomfort, nausea, dizziness, headache, numbness, eye strain, eye pain, or vision changes like blurriness or double vision.

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