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Amidst the backdrop of Covid-19 and ensuing lockdowns, shopping habits have undergone a seismic shift, particularly among younger demographics. Social media platforms, notably TikTok, have blurred the lines between browsing and buying, catalyzing what experts now call a cultural phenomenon: #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. This viral hashtag has been used over seven billion times, illustrating the platform's immense influence in driving consumer behavior.
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Breaking Language Barriers: Roblox's Latest Innovation

06.02.2024 08:33 AM
Breaking Language Barriers: Roblox's Latest Innovation
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Breaking Language Barriers: Roblox's Latest Innovation

Roblox has developed an AI model capable of swiftly translating text chats, seamlessly integrating translations of other players' messages without disrupting the user experience.

With over 70 million daily active users, the platform aims to enhance its vast community by introducing real-time AI chat translation, fostering connections among gamers worldwide.

The AI chat translator supports 16 languages, including English, French, Japanese, Thai, Polish, and Vietnamese, while also adept at understanding slang and platform abbreviations.

Dan Stuurman, Roblox's chief technology officer, emphasized the objective of ensuring user comfort in interactions by facilitating mutual understanding through chat translation.

While the translator automatically converts chats, users can opt to view the original message by clicking on the designated icon.

"Enhanced engagement occurs when users communicate in their native language. By eliminating language barriers through machine translation, we strive to amplify user interaction," Stuurman stated.

Roblox initiated the development of a large language model trained on publicly available internal data, integrating it into an environment hosting multiple translation applications, each specializing in a distinct language. This approach optimizes resource allocation without necessitating individual large linguistic models for each language.

Stuurman clarified that the integration of artificial intelligence technology into chat translation upholds existing privacy and security measures, ensuring the continued prohibition of forbidden words.

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