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Japan literary laureate unashamed about using ChatGPT

20.01.2024 03:24 AM
Japan literary laureate unashamed about using ChatGPT
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Japan literary laureate unashamed about using ChatGPT
Japanese writer Rei Kudan, winner of the country's most prestigious literary award, has admitted that the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT wrote about 5% of her Akutagawa Prize-winning novel.

The Akutagawa Prize was awarded to the novel "Tokyo-to Dojo-to", as the jury described it as having a degree of perfection that is difficult to find fault with.

Ray Kudan noted that “GBT Chat” helped her highlight her literary skills. She said that she used "all the capabilities of artificial intelligence" in writing, noting that about 5% of the text was generated by artificial intelligence.
Rie Kudan, la lauréate du plus prestigieux prix littéraire japonais, reconnaît que ChatGPT a écrit une partie de son roman
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