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How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Women's Well-being

17.01.2024 03:01 AM
How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Women's Well-being
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How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Women's Well-being

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas only dedicated a small number of its 3,500 pavilions exclusively to women's health, and among the most prominent items it included in this field were a device to detect cervical cancer, and a bracelet that predicts hot flashes with the help of artificial intelligence.

The list of exhibitors in the 2024 edition, which ended recently, included the South Korean company AI Dot, which is displaying a device called “Surveray AI,” which allows uterine cancer to be detected remotely with the help of artificial intelligence.

AiDot seeks to enable an increase in early detection tests all over the world thanks to its device that relies on optical testing technology with acetic acid, which is described as “simpler, faster and cheaper” than usual cytological tests, such as a smear.

The company explained that it is “a visual test conducted by a specialist with the naked eye,” stressing that the result is immediate, while cellular tests require laboratory analyzes that take several days, and perhaps even weeks.

Surveray AI, which was created in collaboration with gynecologists and Anam and Bundang hospitals in South Korea, also has the advantage of allowing telemedicine.

Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies told Agence France-Presse that she saw at the Las Vegas exhibition in recent years a limited increase in innovations related to the health of children and women, “but 70 percent of the innovations on display relate to men.”

Jessica Booth, director of marketing research at the company organizing the exhibition, predicted in a statement to reporters that “the value of the digital health industry for women will reach $1.2 trillion by the year 2027.”

As for the “Evie” ring from Movano Heli, it also aims to provide daily comfort by enabling it, again thanks to artificial intelligence, to identify the biological conditions that provide the best quality of life, and then help its owner to reproduce them as much as possible.

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