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Unveiling a Method to Expose Fake Voices!

16.01.2024 07:08 AM
Unveiling a Method to Expose Fake Voices!
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 Unveiling a Method to Expose Fake Voices!
McAfee, a cybersecurity company, announced a new technology based on artificial intelligence that helps detect fake votes.

The company said that the accuracy of detecting fake votes using the new technology currently exceeds 90%, and the company developed this technology based on its own artificial intelligence model.

The company calls this technology “Project Mockingbird,” and it was developed after the widespread use of fake voices in fraud operations.

The spread of fake votes has been aided by deepfake tools and artificial intelligence models to manipulate votes, as these votes are used to facilitate fraud, deception, and the spread of lies online.

This technology analyzes audio clips and distinguishes between real parts and fake parts that were generated through artificial intelligence tools. It is also useful for analyzing sounds attached to video clips to ensure that they are original or fake.
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