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Meet the 5 Most Human-Like Robots Ever Created

04.01.2024 04:25 AM
Meet the 5 Most Human-Like Robots Ever Created
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Meet the 5 Most Human-Like Robots Ever Created
Advancements in technology have spurred the creation of various humanoid robots, far beyond mere entertainment value.

Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong-based company specializing in lifelike robots driven by artificial intelligence, crafted Sophia. Unveiled on February 14, 2016, Sophia captivated global attention with her human-like appearance and nuanced facial expressions mirroring human emotions.

Sophia engaged in interviews with the media and made appearances at prominent events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and, more recently, a dedicated robot press conference during the UN Global Summit on AI for Good in Geneva.
Sophia - Hanson Robotics

Engineered Arts, a British robotics company, introduced Ameca, an innovative creation first showcased in a video clip in December 2021 and later presented at CES 2022.

Fitted with cameras in its eyes and microphones in its ears, Ameca perceives, recognizes faces, emotions, and voices. Its articulated head, neck, arms, torso, and facial modules generate lifelike expressions, and it's proficient in multiple languages.
Meet Ameca, the remarkable (and not at all creepy) human-like robot - National |

Geminoid DK
Debuting in 2011, Geminoid DK astonished audiences with its remarkably authentic facial expressions. This robot, meticulously crafted with a metal structure enveloped in silicone skin and human and synthetic hair, bears an uncanny resemblance to Danish Professor Henrik Scharffy.

The creation resulted from collaboration between Danish Professor Henrik Scharffy of Aalborg University, Japanese engineer Hiroshi Ishiguro, and their team at the International Institute for Advanced Telecommunications (ATR). Kokoro, an affiliate of the Sanrio Group, contributed to its construction. Notably, Geminoid DK is the first robot to sport a beard, housing pneumatic actuators enabling autonomous breathing and blinking.
Geminoid DK
Crafted in the likeness of Professor Nadia Magninat Thalmann, the human-like social robot Nadine embodies the work of the MIRALab founder at the University of Geneva and former head of the Institute of Media Innovation at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) from 2009 to 2021.
Humanoid robots have realistic skin, expressive faces | CBC News

Unique among humanoid robots, BINA48 lacks a torso, consisting solely of a bust: head and shoulders mounted on a frame. Designed by Hanson Robotics and entrepreneur Martine Rothblatt, who founded the Terasem movement, BINA48 represents a transhumanist endeavor. Rothblatt's movement delves into technological enhancements of human capabilities, extending lifespans, and fostering developments in artificial intelligence and bioinformatics.
Bina 48 Meets Bina Rothblatt - Part One - YouTube
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