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This European country is introducing digital passports

01.10.2023 03:46 AM
This European country is introducing digital passports
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This European country is introducing digital passports

In a world-leading pilot scheme, the Finnish authorities announced the adoption of digital passports for its citizens traveling on flights from Helsinki Airport to a number of British cities, according to what was reported by CNN.

The network reported that passengers on some Finnish Airlines flights can quickly pass through border control centers at airports, by registering a digital copy of their passports in advance.

The Finnish Border Guard said that it will test the digital passport from Helsinki Airport to the cities of London, Edinburgh and Manchester in Britain, in cooperation with Finnish Airlines and the National Police.

The Border Guard statement said that the pilot project allows passage through border control faster and smoother without the need to stand in a long line, without compromising security standards.

The same source pointed out that “the approved DTC passport is a digital copy of the physical passport, and it is equally reliable.

According to what CNN reported, it is certain that other countries “will follow the new procedure approved by the innovation-loving northern country.”

In this regard, she pointed to the announcement by Changi Airport in Singapore of its intention to begin adopting digital passports starting in 2024.

CNN reported that the decision issued last week will expand the freedom of travel of Singaporeans around the world, especially since their passport tops the list of the most powerful passports in the world in 2023.

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