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How big is the PC/gaming videos industry?

26.07.2021 07:51 AM
How big is the PC/gaming videos industry?
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How big is the PC/gaming videos industry?
Through the decades, the video game industry has rapidly improved the technology to home gaming, and made arcades nonexistence. The major video gaming titans of today are Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony Playstation.

According to gaming industry statistics for 2021, immersive gaming, also known as VR gaming, is about 20 times more interesting than traditional games. Companies like Bigscreen VR and AltspaceVR (two of the big shots in the industry) are fast progressing into the future of virtual games, faster than many expect..

According to gaming industry stats, the Asia-Pacific gaming revenue is estimated to amount to over $174 billion by 2021. Reports further show that about $72.2 billion was generated by the Asian game market alone in 2019. This is twice that of the North American gaming market..

While the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the world was astonishing on many facets, the still ongoing ramifications here in Hollywood created opportunities for gaming to swoop in and offer a mix of resolutions and possibilities for several sectors to stay relevant throughout a series of shutdowns across many countries..

Some game titles doubling as enormous online platforms, such as “Fortnite,” found themselves hosting virtual concerts and film festivals, while notable athletes found themselves taking up game controllers to access the virtual counterparts of their professions..

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