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YouTube relaxes stance on 'inappropriate language' in videos

11.03.2023 03:25 AM
YouTube relaxes stance on 'inappropriate language' in videos
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YouTube relaxes stance on 'inappropriate language' in videos
The giant American platform, "YouTube", affiliated with the "Google" group, has adopted softer restrictions than those it imposed on the use of profanity in French and English videos, reversing its previous rules that angered content producers.

As for France, the platform announced last January that the video clip containing obscene words in the first 15 seconds of it leads to depriving its author of advertising revenue.

Many content creators objected to these very strict rules, complaining that their old videos were being deprived of advertising revenue, indicating that this move lost their income. Some of them took the initiative to cover potentially problematic phrases with sound effects to avoid the retroactive measure of depriving them of income.

However, the director of partnerships at “YouTube France” Romain Cabriolet announced on Tuesday evening the easing of these restrictions, as he explained on Twitter that “several words that were considered problematic will no longer lead to the deprivation of the revenue clip.”

And the "Google" page provided examples of terms that were classified as profanity and are now "regenerating advertising revenue."

However, she pointed to “very vulgar” words that are still prohibited from being used “in the first seven seconds of the video clip, in its title, in its cover image, or in many of them,” on pain of not being able to generate revenue from it.

Also, a similar announcement was made on Tuesday evening in relation to videos posted on “YouTube” in the English language, as the platform indicated that “moderate” obscenities were permissible throughout the video, and some of it even in the introduction, but not in the title.
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