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They wear diapers, do not shower, and sleep in special units... Here are the strangest facts about astronauts!

03.03.2023 02:48 AM
They wear diapers, do not shower, and sleep in special units... Here are the strangest facts about astronauts!
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They wear diapers, do not shower, and sleep in special units... Here are the strangest facts about astronauts!
At a time when SpaceX and its famous American billionaire owner, Elon Musk, are preparing for a new attempt by sending the NASA crew to the International Space Station today, Thursday, this experience brought to mind the hardships that astronauts face while performing their work.
Some do not know the scale of the challenges that astronauts face in space while performing their work. For example, astronauts do not change their clothes for a long time, as clothes are not washed on the International Space Station due to the lack of water, which leads the astronauts to wear their clothes and socks for a long period of time, which may reach a whole month.
While scientists are developing an antimicrobial material that keeps clothes clean, especially underwear, to prevent allergic reactions in some places due to wearing them for a long time, according to “Sputnik”.
In terms of food, the astronauts eat food without spices. They also eat fruits, vegetables and cakes that are shipped to the space station, but salt and pepper are not available for fear of them spreading in the air and entering the eyes of the astronauts.
Crying is also uncomfortable, as it is considered one of the unpopular processes in space, because tears do not run down the cheeks, but on the contrary gather around the eyeball and cause burning in the eyes as the quantity increases.
Tears are removed using a special towel, and the pioneers are given a special ointment to moisturize the surrounding area around the eye.
As for sleeping, the astronauts sleep in special sleeping units. Special sleeping bags are installed on the walls, where they can choose the way they want to sleep.
A fan is placed over the heads of the astronauts while they are sleeping to remove the carbon dioxide gas that is expelled from the body during the exhalation process, so as not to cause the astronaut to suffocate.
The aliens are also exposed to what is further than that, because due to the lack of walking on a solid area such as the surface of the earth, there is no pressure on the ankle area, which leads to the transformation of the skin in that area to become soft, and for this reason the astronauts advise when they replace the socks to remove them in a slow manner so as not to Dead skin gets everywhere.
The pioneers also undergo training courses in order to go to the toilet correctly, use seat belts when sitting on the toilet seat, and deal with the lack of water to drain waste.
In the event that there are malfunctions in the space capsules, as happened two years ago in the toilet of the space capsule "Kron Dragon" affiliated with "SpaceX", the astronauts are forced to use diapers, as they cannot at that time use the toilet, which forces them to use underwear as a substitute for toilet.
They also swallow toothpaste, due to difficulty spitting, when brushing their teeth.
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