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TikTok to Enable All Users to Create Videos Up to 3 Minutes

05.07.2021 10:38 AM
TikTok to Enable All Users to Create Videos Up to 3 Minutes
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TikTok to Enable All Users to Create Videos Up to 3 Minutes
TikTok has been experimenting with letting creators around the world post videos up to three minutes long and is now extending the option for all users in the upcoming weeks.

I’m sure everyone has come across a story on TikTok that extends over multiple videos by now. Sometimes the story or tutorial doesn’t even have that much left for part two, but the current 30 seconds to one minute format forces creators to get creative with their content. With the longer format becoming available for all users in the upcoming weeks, they no longer have to worry about condensing longer stories or chopping them up into multiple videos. Users will be notified when the three-minute option has been added to their toolbox.

Product manager Drew Kirchhoff wrote in a blog post, “Some of you might have come across a longer video on TikTok already—we’ve been letting creators around the world experiment with the expanded format. Creators are already well-versed in weaving multipart stories together on TikTok (we all know the phrase, ‘Like and follow for part three’), but we often hear from creators that they’d love just a little more time to bring their cooking demos, elaborate beauty tutorials, educational lesson plans and comedic sketches to life with TikTok’s creative tools. With longer videos, creators will have the canvas to create new or expanded types of content on TikTok, with the flexibility of a bit more space.”
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