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Social Media Personality Types - Which One Are You?

30.06.2021 09:07 AM
Social Media Personality Types - Which One Are You?
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Social Media Personality Types - Which One Are You?
World Social Media Day is celebrated every year on June 30 as a way to recognize and celebrate the impact of social media on global communication. In today's era we cannot even imagine a life without social media. Because of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic people have used social media not only to stay connected but also to inform and help each other in need.

Social media has become a private world in many cases that does not resemble reality, and includes various personalities whose characteristics are derived from the characteristics of social networking sites.

In this report, we take a look at the types of people on social media platforms:

The Deep

An insider who often writes very long posts explaining his philosophical views on things and showing his linguistic abilities in huge terms.

The Crazy about “like and share”

The one that is obsessed with the like and share, and you find his feed bombarded with shared articles, videos and memes.
Girl’s seeker

This type is spread in reality, so you must find it on social media as well, and it will either send the girls friend requests based on their photos, and if one of them accepts, he will send directly a message “Thank you for accepting my request”, and not only that, but you will find 20 notifications suddenly because of his comments on your photos.


This type is difficult to write a post as a kind of laziness, but it is enough to press the share, and make a "mention" to whomever he sends the message to.

The stalker

The person that doesn’t do any activity on social media except to follow and monitor others, analyze their comments and posts, track the location of their photos and those with them and other details.


The one that has accounts on social media, but you will not feel his presence, and if you decide to visit his account, you will find it free of any interaction or publications.

The wise

A wise person is someone who posts daily posts with quotes, wisdom, and sermons with his own pictures, which have nothing to do with what is written.


This type is responsible for most of the negative energy in the world, it is enough to open your account in the morning to find a post like, "Bad start!!!", or "Wednesday, you know very well what Wednesday means", and puts emojis of depression or anger ".


As for this type, he does not have any degree of privacy regarding his life, you will find him sharing all the details of his life and day on social media.


He is a person who does not stop publishing supplications, bible verses and other religious manifestations, which often do not express his real personality.

SOOOO! Which one is YOU!?
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