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Unable to locate your mobile phone? Google’s Find My Device might soon work!

29.06.2021 06:02 AM
Unable to locate your mobile phone? Google’s Find My Device might soon work!
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Unable to locate your mobile phone? Google’s Find My Device might soon work!
Google has announced that it has developed a "Find my device" feature to find lost Android devices similar to Apple’s Find My network. This feature currently works on all Android phones that have a data or Wi-Fi signal, and have location services enabled. But now Google is developing this feature, so that it can find a lost phone that is not connected to the Internet.

Google is developing a network called "Spot", through which the user is able to find his lost devices through the Bluetooth network without the need for the Internet. And the new update from Google finds not only your phone, but the devices of others as well. So when "Find my device" is activated, the user will have to allow his phone to locate his and others' devices. This feature also helps others find their lost devices, and vice versa. Even if the devices are not connected to the Internet, Bluetooth can help find the device.

This feature is one of the biggest updates of the Google Play Store currently. Moreover, Google is still developing it, so we should see it soon. This new feature comes from Google with the same concept of “AirTags”, which was developed by Apple to help the user find lost things such as keys, backpacks, etc. via Bluetooth technology. AirTag works through the Find my iPhone app, where users can view the current location of a lost item, or its last known location on a map.

In this context, users can download Find My Phone apps from other sources, as there are many apps available in online stores that do this process. But here it must be noted the need to choose applications from reliable sources so that they do not later turn into a means to track the user and steal his data. There are well-known global companies in the field of cybersecurity that have applications that detect the location of the lost phone, and even they can remotely lock the phone and erase its memory or take pictures from its cameras and send them to an email that is pre-selected while downloading the application.
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