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The importance of promoting your small business on social media platforms

23.06.2021 09:51 AM
The importance of promoting your small business on social media platforms
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The importance of promoting your small business on social media platforms
Social media marketing is one of the types of e-marketing that targets a large number of audience to increase the number of visits to the website of the company or organization that provides services to attract attention to the brand, product or service.
It can also build deeper social relationships with the customers, and helps in reading the behavior of the masses in interacting with products negatively or positively through the tools provided by social media platforms; it provides the necessary statistics on the movement of the masses in interaction and reaching potentials at lower costs than the traditional marketing.

Social media platforms provide wide areas for their users to express their opinion freely, and this is an important indicator to know their reactions about the service or product or even public figures.
Social media marketing is important for the following reasons:
1- You can learn more about your audience, customers and their requirements; through communication, direct interaction and comments on the content the business provides.

2- Communicating with the public in a wide geographical scope and reaching the largest possible number of audience; through the tools provided by these means at a low cost compared to traditional marketing and its high costs.

3- Improvement of product and customer service; this is done by knowing exactly what your business audience wants first hand.

4- Establish deeper and more trusting relationships with your immediate audience; this will help you promote your product through the trust bridges you build with your followers; this urges them share your content, and convey a positive image of your product, business, or service.

5- Acquiring a larger share of the market in your field of work by building your audience interested in your product and increasing its number through available means and attractive content.

6- Social media marketing is affordable in relation to the amount of benefits that business owners can reap from using it, as it requires time, effort and money, but at a lower rate than traditional marketing.

7- Through social media marketing, you can measure the results you get, and quickly adjust marketing plans to match the requirements of your audience.

At dooklik we focus on understanding your business vision and goals. We deliver tiered social media marketing packages that follow your company’s needs. With dynamic young content-driven designers, we ensure your posts are catchy, engaging but most importantly relevant to your audience. We will schedule a monthly meeting to discuss, assess and set new deliverables. If you are a small business, a start-up or one that wants to kick its social media presence this package is for you.
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