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On "National Selfie Day"... Mind-Blowing Facts About this Obsession!

21.06.2021 10:23 AM
On "National Selfie Day"... Mind-Blowing Facts About this Obsession!
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On "National Selfie Day"... Mind-Blowing Facts About this Obsession!
Photography lovers around the world celebrate Selfie Day, which falls on June 21. Selfies have become an integral part of any party, trip or meeting, and have become present even in tragic situations. The growing popularity of this type of image prompted its entry into the famous Oxford Dictionary in 2013, CNN reported.

The credit for this” selfie trend” is attributed to Robert Cornelius of Philadelphia, who took the first photo of this type in 1839, where he put an artificial frame in which he stood for a minute, and then removed the cover from the camera lens and photographed.
On the occasion of the "Selfie Day" celebration, we present a group of strange information related to these photos:
  • The "selfie" that Hollywood star Bradley Cooper took at the 2014 Academy Awards is the most retweeted photo in history.
  • The selfie stick became one of the “best sellers” of 2014, and searches for it on Google increased by more than 19 times in 2014.
  • "Selfies" caused the death of 259 people around the world between October 2011 and November 2017, according to a study issued by the Indian "Family Medicine" magazine, and India's share of this number was 159 people, who died while trying to take distinctive personal photos.
  • Last April, NASA's Curiosity spacecraft appeared in an "amazing shape" while taking a "selfie" photo on the surface of Mars alongside a rock formation.
  • Many psychological studies have attempted to determine the reasons why many people are attached to “selfies”, as Psychology Today revealed that there are 5 motives for this, namely narcissism, participation, communication, functional use, promoting a sense of self-improvement, and finally photography to preserve memories.
  • In 2014, the US Department of Transportation revealed that 33,000 people were injured in accidents, mostly because they were driving and holding their phones at the same time to take selfies.
  • Some selfies have caused inestimable cultural losses. Last August, an Austrian tourist partially damaged a nineteenth-century statue while taking a picture alongside the rare masterpiece created by Italian sculptor Antonio Canova.
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