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You might stop using your phone after checking this news!

03.12.2022 07:57 AM
You might stop using your phone after checking this news!
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You might stop using your phone after checking this news!

A recent American study revealed that smartphones have become a major source of allergens, due to the addiction to these devices and what they carry on their surfaces.

A study from the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology stated that smartphones used by 85 percent of American families are "a breeding ground for mucus, because they contain allergens."

The researchers said that the smartphones "showed elevated and altered levels of cell walls that cause chronic airway problems in the trachea, endotoxin, a potent inflammatory agent and marker of exposure to dangerous bacteria."

The researchers created prototype phones the same size as a real phone, and the front surface of the phone was scanned as part of the test. The tissues were used to sample simulated phone models of 15 volunteers, and allergens were measured, which showed a significant increase.

The study showed that exposure to inhaled allergens and particles may trigger innate immune reactions.

And if an individual suffers from allergies or asthma, he should clean his smartphone more often, to reduce exposure to these allergens and asthma triggers.

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