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Liz Truss becomes star of virtual world in new video game

15.10.2022 10:22 AM
Liz Truss becomes star of virtual world in new video game
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Liz Truss becomes star of virtual world in new video game

A team of British developers has created an online game starring British Prime Minister Liz Terrace, called In Liz We Trust.

In the game, developed by the British game company Construct, the character Liz Trace appears trying to extract as many coins as possible from individuals in Britain, to be handed over to the state.

During the game, players must escape from political figures such as the leaders of the Labor and Conservative parties, as well as the Governor of the Bank of England.


The Terrace character in the game is characterized by high flexibility, as it can jump while trying to collect coins, knowing that the game was created in just 5 days, according to the British newspaper, "Daily Star".

The cost of creating the game was only £ 750, and its goal, according to the CEO of the developing company, was to draw a smile on the faces of citizens, while realizing that Terrace would achieve great success through its position.

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