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Have you ever wondered why you should wear sports clothes when practicing sports? Here's WHY!

08.10.2022 10:38 AM
Have you ever wondered why you should wear sports clothes when practicing sports? Here's WHY!
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Have you ever wondered why you should wear sports clothes when practicing sports? Here's WHY!
Wearing the right sports clothes is more important than drinking water during training, and since the right sports clothes have many functions and advantages, it is necessary to choose the clothes that fit the physical activity you do and the conditions in which you perform it. In general, there are basic things that must be worn during training: pants, sports shirts, and sports shoes; With some preparation, you can choose the clothes that are most appropriate for the type of training you are doing.

If you are training in open spaces, it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions around you; In hot weather, choosing the right clothes helps reduce diseases associated with high temperatures, while loose clothes allow the body to cool down and the sweat it secretes. And when exercising in the hot weather of Doha, be sure to avoid wearing dark-colored clothes and choose light-colored clothes, which help reflect the sun's rays away from your body. In cold weather, wearing padded clothing allows you to undress when you feel overheated, or add more pads if you feel cold due to perspiration. In all climatic conditions, care must be taken to protect the head, by using a warm head covering to isolate the head; In the warmer months, it is preferable to wear a light hat that protects your head from the sun.

When exercising, wear loose-fitting clothes to give you freedom of movement and the ability to exercise correctly and comfortably. For example, if you're wearing jeans and trying to run fast, you won't be able to push your body as much as loose-fitting clothes. It is also important to choose clothes that give you a sense of self-confidence while exercising.

Wearing sports shoes during physical activity is very important, especially when performing high-impact exercises such as running and the like. Noting that most stores sell sports shoes that are suitable for different sports such as running, cross-training, basketball, etc., and usually experts The staff at these stores will advise you on the best shoes to buy based on your preferred physical activity.

Whether your workout includes running, walking or using sports equipment in the gym, be sure to wear the appropriate sports shoes, in the event of injuries due to not wearing the appropriate sports shoes, this may hinder your attempt to improve fitness or lose weight. So investing in high-quality footwear can help prevent foot and ankle injuries and make training times more enjoyable and comfortable.

Choosing the right sports shoe helps you protect yourself from common injuries related to the type of training you do. Example the ability to change your directions quickly.
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