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Netflix creates its first video game studio

28.09.2022 08:27 AM
Netflix creates its first video game studio
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Netflix creates its first video game studio

Netflix has decided to create its first video game development studio in order to reduce dependence on games developed by other companies.

And the Bloomberg news agency quoted a company statement as saying that the new studio will be in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, and will be headed by Marko Lastica, who spent more than five years at Zynga, where he participated in developing the game Farm Valley 3 before becoming a co-founder and executive producer at Track Twenty, a subsidiary of the company. Electronic Art in Helsinki.

"This is another step in the company's vision to build a world-class video game studio that will produce a glamorous variety of original games without annoying Netflix's hundreds of millions of subscribers with ads and no need to purchase apps to play games," Amir Rahimi, Netflix Vice President of Game Studios, said in a statement.

It is noteworthy that the new game studio will be the fourth for Netflix in general, after it acquired another studio in Helsinki earlier this year.

In September of last year, Netflix acquired Night School Studios. Netflix currently offers 31 computer games.

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