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Several Twitter users report app not working following death of Queen Elizabeth II

09.09.2022 03:09 AM
Several Twitter users report app not working following death of Queen Elizabeth II
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Several Twitter users report app not working following death of Queen Elizabeth II

Twitter has been down for some users following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday night, according to details released by the network shutdown monitoring service Netblocks and user reports of followers. More than 2,000 users reported being unable to access the service on Thursday. Meanwhile, the service appears to be operating normally in India, with a slight uptick as more than 600 users reported not being able to access Twitter. Gadgets 360 gained access to the service, and the Twitter status page showed no problems with the service.

On Thursday, Netblocks, a group that tracks alleged downtimes of Internet and Internet services, announced that Twitter is facing an international outage for many users who follow the Queen's news. Elizabeth II died. The group also claims that the outage is not related to any nationwide disruption or liquidation.

Meanwhile, according to Error Alerts, a downtime tracking service for websites and apps, more than 2,000 users reported being unable to access the Twitter app and website on Thursday.

According to the latest information available on, 78% of users who reported errors said they had problems with the app, while 15% of users had issues with Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Twitter API status page has no indication that the service is having problems with the "All systems are working" message displayed on the website.

Back in August, Twitter users were unable to access the app, with more than 30,000 users around the world complaining about not being able to access the service. The service remained active in India during that time, with only hundreds of users reporting crashes in the country, according to

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