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What you need to know about Social Media Metrics and why they matter!

02.09.2022 05:49 AM
What you need to know about Social Media Metrics and why they matter!
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What you need to know about Social Media Metrics and why they matter!

Social networking sites are distinguished from other traditional publishing tools (newspapers, radio, television) by being self-measurable, meaning that the average user can know the extent of interaction with the content they produce, whether it is a video, image or text.

The reader's interaction occurs in several ways: on Facebook, for example: through the "Like" button or like and re-post. On Instagram through the Repost or republish photos and stories through the retweet feature or Retweet on Twitter and also through the re-share or share that Facebook provides.

It is worth noting that in order for the user to be able to know these percentages in detail, he must convert his Instagram account to a Business account through the Settings menu.

If the means of measurement indicate something, they refer to:

1- This content has captured the admiration of people.

2- The one who published the content can measure the rate of interaction quantitatively and qualitatively.

3- Enable the user to evaluate the content and measure the performance of his account or work.

The website also has measurement criteria that start with the number of visitors on the site through Google Metrics, where this site from Google allows the user to measure the number of visitors on a daily basis and measure the time, hour and time they spend on this site and most importantly where they come from (place and country) and which devices they use (computer, mobile phone, iPhone or Android).

These ratios, standards, and numbers are very important in the world of e-marketing because they allow journalists to know the identity and whims of visitors, as well as to know the news that has a higher reading rate than others and accordingly determines the publishing strategy for the coming days.


On Facebook, Facebook Pages gives us many options, and Facebook calls it: Insights, or statistical information on each page.

As shown in the attached picture, we can measure the number of likes, new views, or people who recently joined it. In another box, we read Post Reach, which means the percentage of content access to the users' "timeline" or to the Facebook home page.

As for Page Views, it means the number of people who accessed the page itself, and were not satisfied with viewing the content on the timeline.

The terms "Organic" and "Paid" refer to the way in which the content reached people. Whether free, organic, or through a paid post or Sponsored, here the measurement becomes known as Paid Reach, or paid reach for ads with Facebook.

Usually, Facebook allows us to reach 1,000 people for one dollar as a general average. On the other hand, if you provide a good and robust content format, you can get a much higher result. It remains to refer to the term Engagement or the extent to which people interact with the content. This greatly affects the number of shares, or shares, that users make to the post.

Usually, the level of interaction affects the percentage of reach or reach. Thus, the more people interact with a content, the greater the reach of this content for people on the main timeline, that is, in the place where people can view the content, whether on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

In conclusion, an invitation to each user to visit and explore these criteria or Metrics because they are essential in the process of social communication and because they are an introduction to the science of strategy.

Your leading social media platforms metrics gathered in one Interface. Check your most important social KPIs from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube while browsing your email.

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