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Before buying electronic devices.. You need to read this article!

04.08.2022 05:54 AM
Before buying electronic devices.. You need to read this article!
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Before buying electronic devices.. You need to read this article!

The user may have to get rid of some electronic devices because they no longer function properly or are no longer safe enough due to the lack of appropriate updates for them, despite the fact that their components and method of operation are intact.

Such a problem appears in many electronic devices, ranging from smartphones to Internet radios and smart watches, to TVs and cleaning robots.

Indications, which refer to the warranty period of updates, include the cost of the product, the usual period of use, and the promotion data of the updates policy of the manufacturer.

In general, there is no ultimate security, but the only criteria, which may help the user in this, is the inclusion of a software update factor in the purchase decision.

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