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This mobile game has made over $100 million within two months of launch

01.08.2022 02:47 AM
This mobile game has made over $100 million within two months of launch
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This mobile game has made over $100 million within two months of launch

Diablo Immortal on Android and iOS has racked up $100 million in global player spending within two months of its launch, according to a report by Sensor Tower.

Crossing the $100 million mark in just eight weeks, the mobile RPG stands behind only Pokemon Go, which took about two weeks to reach the milestone, and in third place is Niantic's Fire Emblem Heroes, which took 10 weeks.

Fortnite and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire rank fourth and fifth on the list of most revenue-generating games, with 12 and 22 weeks to cross the $100 million revenue mark, respectively.

According to Sensor Tower Game Intelligence, during this time, it ranked 4th among mobile RPG games by player spending globally, and 2 MMORPG, right behind NetEase's Fantasy Westward Journey at number one," the report states.

Diablo Immortal proved to be the most successful on the Apple App Store in terms of global player spending, contributing 59%. On the other hand, Google Play Store has about 41 percent of the contribution.

The United States was the biggest contributor to the game when it came to revenue. The next two countries with the most revenue are South Korea and Japan.

Diablo Immortal launched in China on July 25, 2022, nearly two months after it was launched in other regions, but within the first two days of launch, it became the number one most downloaded app across all categories on the Apple App Store in the country.

The No. 2 highest-grossing game on launch day, while the next day it slipped to second place behind Honor of Kings while remaining just above Game For Peace in China, both of which are owned by Tencent Games.

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