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Instagram walks back updates after criticism from Kardashian family

29.07.2022 03:25 AM
Instagram walks back updates after criticism from Kardashian family
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Instagram walks back updates after criticism from Kardashian family

In recent days, Instagram has come under fire from users who are frustrated that the photo-sharing app is becoming too much like rival TikTok. Some users have complained that Instagram is now showing a much greater proportion of recommended content from accounts that they don't follow versus posts from their friends. Instagram has also been testing full-screen posts, similar to how posts appear on TikTok.

On Thursday Instagram said it will take back some of its recent feature changes after facing mounting backlash from users, including members of the Kardashian family.

"Based on our findings and community feedback, we're pausing the full-screen test on Instagram so we can explore other options, and we're temporarily decreasing the number of recommendations you see in your feed so we can improve the quality of your experience," a spokesperson for Meta, Instagram's parent company, said in a statement Thursday.

"We recognize that changes to the app can be an adjustment, and while we believe that Instagram needs to evolve as the world changes, we want to take the time to make sure we get this right," the statement added.

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