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Here is why Apple is inviting iPhone owners to update their devices

25.07.2022 09:39 AM
Here is why Apple is inviting iPhone owners to update their devices
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Here is why Apple is inviting iPhone owners to update their devices
The US tech giant has rolled out the latest version of its iPhone software, iOS 15.6, to protect people from potential cyberattacks, as it is likely to be the last major iPhone update before iOS 16, which will be launched alongside a batch of new iPhones in September.
Several bugs can allow an app to execute "random code," a technique used by hackers to run evasive tasks on a victim's phone.
Most of the iPhone vulnerabilities are searched by outside experts and anonymous researchers.
The reason Apple routinely lists so many is that it keeps a closely guarded secret until a fix is found.

This prevents crooks from taking advantage of it while Apple releases an update before the vulnerability becomes widely known, according to The Sun.

"In order to protect our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until an investigation has been conducted and patches or releases are available," Apple said.
But the latest iOS update wasn't all about security issues.

The company has also made some notable tweaks to the surface - albeit very small.
Among them is a change in the Apple TV app that adds the option to pause, rewind or fast-forward a live sports game.
The company's transition to live sports follows. Apple exclusively broadcasts some Major League Baseball games this season.
The update also fixes an issue where the Settings app was showing that the device storage was full even when it was available.
Also fixed an issue in Safari where a tab sometimes reverted to a previous page.
The update should be rolled out to iPhone owners automatically but you can force it to download and install right away.

You can do this by going to Settings, followed by About, then Software Update.
This is probably the last important update of iOS 15, which was launched last September.
This year iOS 16 comes out, which will give the iPhone operating system a much-needed touch of paint.

Apple revealed that the new update adds a lot of clever tricks, including the ability to unsend and edit iMessages.
It also introduces a brand new lock screen that you can fully customize.
It will also support widgets on the lock screen as well.
iOS 16 likely won't arrive on your iPhone until September, when it will be launched alongside iPhone 14.
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