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NASA’s Webb telescope reveals deepest ever view of early universe

12.07.2022 09:09 AM
NASA’s Webb telescope reveals deepest ever view of early universe
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NASA’s Webb telescope reveals deepest ever view of early universe

The stunning shot, released in a White House briefing by President Joe Biden, is overflowing with thousands of galaxies and features some of the faintest objects observed, colorized in blue, orange and white tones.

Known as Webb's First Deep Field, it shows the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723, which acts as a gravitational lens, bending light from more distant galaxies behind it towards the observatory, in a cosmic magnification effect.

Webb's primary imager NIRCam -- which operates in the near infrared wavelength spectrum because light from the early universe has been stretched out by the time it reaches us -- has brought these faint background galaxies into focus.

Webb compiled the composite shot in 12.5 hours, achieving well beyond what its predecessor the Hubble Space Telescope could in weeks.

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Did you know that the James Webb Telescope is like a time machine as much as it is an observation machine, the farther the telescope sees in space, the farther it looks in time, because the images from distant objects take a long time to reach us, and therefore, the image we see of the galaxy that 13.6 billion light-years away isn't a picture of how it would look today, but what it looked like 13.6 billion years ago, during the early universe.

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The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a record image showing the farthest single star ever seen, NASA said Wednesday.
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