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WhatsApp will soon let you hide your online status

06.07.2022 09:00 AM
WhatsApp will soon let you hide your online status
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WhatsApp will soon let you hide your online status

WhatsApp application officials announced that they are currently working on a new development, which enables the user to hide the appearance connected to the application, that is, to put the ability to cancel the feature of the word “online” in the new update, according to a report by “wabetainfo”.

Over the past years, many users have requested to be able to hide their online status, for various reasons, for example, some users want to use WhatsApp without being bothered by others, or feel being chased by someone.

And this screenshot shows what we can see when we want to hide online, so the user can decide who can see they're online now, whether it's everyone, their contacts, or no one, just like choosing who can see when they were last seen.

Last year, WhatsApp started to automatically hide the last seen of contacts you've never chatted with, to prevent third-party apps from monitoring our last seen and online status.

But people we've already spoken to can still see us when we're online, but thanks to the new "Who can see me when I'm online" privacy setting, they won't be able to do that anymore.

The report stated that no date has been set for the release of this feature to the public, but it will be announced soon.

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