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New updates from "YouTube"!

04.07.2022 06:44 AM
New updates from "YouTube"!
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New updates from "YouTube"!
In news that makes some users happy and sad for others, the famous video platform "YouTube" announced that it will launch new updates at the end of this July, which include activating strict tools to counter offensive comments and impersonation of some users of the platform.
The updates include enhancing the capabilities of automatic moderation, managing comments, limiting the use of special characters in channel names, and canceling the feature to hide subscriber numbers, according to a Sky News Arabia report.
This last talk will be sadly received by some beginners in establishing channels, while those who have faced the experience of others impersonating their successful channels will be happy with it.
As for the reason behind these updates, social media expert Mohammed Al-Harthy told Sky News Arabia that it “came in response to the demands of some users regarding the protection of the data of viewers and content makers from abusive comments, as well as protection from identity theft, as comments became unwanted. In it, identity abuse is at the forefront of many people's concerns on YouTube today."
According to Al-Harthy, the new features "will make it difficult to impersonate famous people and creators on the platform, as hiding subscriber numbers was one of the ways that spammers succeeded in impersonating other channels when leaving comments."
And the YouTube platform had previously launched the feature to hide the number of subscribers, to enable novice content makers to build a fan base, but it became a door for some content makers to defraud the identity of their competitors to attract more followers, so it launched these updates.
Once the new updates are activated, each user's subscriber count will be shown, the use of special characters in the name will be reduced when creating the channel, and comments will be managed in a way that allows unwanted ones to be removed after they are first shown to the content creator.
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