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Useful tips to create a successful social media marketing strategy in 2021

05.05.2021 09:58 AM
Useful tips to create a successful social media marketing strategy in 2021
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Useful tips to create a successful social media marketing strategy in 2021
Social media has grown from being a story-telling digital platform that connects people, to a fundamental marketing tool. As social media has aged and evolved, so has consumer behavior. It impacts and influences our lives on a daily basis.
Social media marketing is one of the most powerful means used in marketing companies' products or services, regardless of their size, as social media users are considered potential customers, and any company should try to exploit their activity by communicating with them directly through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, the exploitation of such platforms certainly helps to achieve outstanding results in terms of increasing profits or increasing customer demand, and also creating new selling opportunities.

Let's start by defining social media marketing:

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing which includes the use of social media networks to achieve the company's goals in terms of sales and brand name awareness. This type of marketing includes activities such as publications, pictures, videos and any other content that attracts more customers, in addition to using the method of promoting pages or publications.

We have created this guide that enables you to use marketing methods through social media to increase the popularity of your brand and achieve more successes by containing the most important advice, information and training required to achieve this.

There are more than 3 billion users around the world on social media platforms which create the opportunity for companies to promote their products and services.
One of the most important effects of social media marketing is that it gives you the opportunity to quickly reach your target customers, maintain constant communication with them, and respond to their inquiries quickly and effectively. It also enables you to know your competitors by viewing their pages on these networks.

Some tips on how to create a social media marketing strategy in 2021:


Set your social media goals:

You will not be able to narrow down your social media options without understanding why you are interested in using social media.
Social media can be used to achieve many marketing goals. Brands use social media marketing strategies to:
- Increase qualified customers and sales
- Engage with their target audience
- Provide immediate customer service
- Distribute branded content
- Build a community around the brand
- Promote product discounts or offers
- Drive relevant traffic to the company's website
The possibilities with social media are endless, however without documenting your goals, you will not know which social media platform can help you achieve them, before starting a complete social strategy, define what you want to achieve from these platforms.

Understand your brand:

Some social media platforms work better for some industries. For example, visual platforms like Instagram and SnapChat are ideal for industries like Beauty Center, on the other hand professional platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are ideal for both industrial and commercial companies.
Take a look at the social media platforms your competitors are using. This will help you understand which channels your brand should take into account. Also note the social media content styles your competitors are implementing. Being aware of your competition's social media strategy will guide you in creating your own company by highlighting opportunities and weaknesses that your brand can benefit from on those networks.

Know the purpose of each platform:

Each social media network has a specific purpose, so you need to determine which platforms you want to use, you need to understand the purpose of the individual platform, and how it relates to the content that you will share, for example if you have Food & Beverage business, it will perform well on the following networks:
These networks will allow the restaurant/snack/coffee shop to respond to customer feedback, provide menu updates, share enticing photos of food and drinks, and provide useful information to customers. It would not make sense for the restaurant to dedicate its time and efforts on a LinkedIn profile as the platform is intended to make connections with professional networks.

Go where your audience is:

The best social media platforms for your business are the ones that your audience uses. It is not wise to use your marketing resources to create a social channel strategy on which your audience is not active, for example if the vast majority of your target market prefers to use YouTube, then you will not devote your time to developing the LinkedIn strategy. In-depth, also consider your audience's interests in relation to your industry, and the type of content you intend to share, this will help you not only in choosing the right network, but als
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