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Tips to stop your phone from overheating this summer

08.06.2022 05:45 AM
Tips to stop your phone from overheating this summer
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Tips to stop your phone from overheating this summer

Rising temperatures with summer heat, we must take into account the high temperature of all devices around us, especially the mobile phone, which we are used to personal use 24 hours a day, whether during the day at work or at home or in the evening during sleep.

Many experts advised against the high temperature of the phone, which eventually leads to an explosion from overheating of the lithium battery, which reaches the point of combustion if the phone is overheated and placed in a pocket or under the cover.

In the latest instructions issued by the Russian SafeNet Regional Engineering Center, a number of steps must be taken to prevent the phone from constantly heating up and causing it to burn, the most important of which are:

1-      Turning off Bluetooth and GPS, which raises the temperature of the device, while opening them constantly.

2-      Turn off the Wi-Fi module, otherwise the device will constantly search for an available network to connect to, which will also contribute to overheating.

3-      Use the original chargers for the device and stay away from weak connections that exhaust the battery.

4-      Use good-quality covers for the phone "the case" to prevent it from overheating.

5-      Put the phone away from the sun during the day and prevent it from being placed in the pocket throughout the day.

6-      Immediately disassemble the device in case of feeling hot and move away from it while placing it in a cool place for ventilation.

7-      Stop the applications that need the Internet and put the device for a period of rest from use throughout the day.


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