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Now You Can Travel Back In Time With Google Street View

26.05.2022 10:19 AM
Now You Can Travel Back In Time With Google Street View
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Now You Can Travel Back In Time With Google Street View
Google is planning to launch a new 'time travel' feature for its Street View app.

To celebrate its fifteenth birthday, Google's Street View feature allows users to go back in time with a new tool. Specifically, this tool will allow users to see how the landscape has changed over the years right from their phone.

To make the feature even more fun, Google has curated a list of popular places that users can explore. The first three areas on the list are the White House at Christmas, followed by the Taj Mahal, and then the Floating Market in Thailand.

Users can also take a space tour, visit the famous Japanese cherry blossom, or visit Yosemite National Park. Among the world-famous attractions to visit with this feature are the Great Barrier Reef, the Eiffel Tower, the Venice Canals, and the Colorado River.

What is Street View? Street View is a revolutionary technology used in Google Maps and Google Earth that allows users to interact with many streets around the world. In fact, over the past 15 years, Street View vehicles have traveled more than 10 million miles around more than 100 countries and regions.

During their travels, the fleet of cars collected more than 220 billion images, allowing us to use Street View. This new update comes just weeks after the launch of a similar Timelapse tool for Google Earth.

The clever timelapse feature allows users to see how neighborhoods have changed over the past 37 years.
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