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Must-Have features for your ecommerce website!

25.05.2022 05:46 AM
Must-Have features for your ecommerce website!
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Must-Have features for your ecommerce website!
Sales through the online store are expected to increase by more than 11% each year. Currently, approximately 90% of goods purchased online are still shipped from overseas countries, but this is rapidly changing. As a result, there is huge potential for generating revenue through ecommerce via an online store during this modern era in the region.

Your page is the face of your business, and the image the customers will have when dealing with your website will be determined accordingly.

1- Quality Images to make your customers tempted to buy your products.

2- Easy to navigate and very user-friendly for a customer to want to come back.

3- Reviews to encourage hesitant customers purchase your products.

4- Multiple secure payment options to cater to different people (cash, credit card, paypal, etc...)

5- Live chat to make them feel cared for and safe, guaranteeing that they’ll be repeat customers.

Make sure these features are available on your ecommerce website to ensure that the image you want to reflect is evident on your page and appealing for your customers.
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Live Video Streaming
Live video streaming lets you engage with your audience in real time with a video feed. Broadcast your daily show to your audience with no limits, no buffering and high quality videos. Reach all devices anytime anywhere with different video qualities that suits any device and any connection.
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