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Google's plan to prevent suicide and domestic violence

01.04.2022 04:50 AM
Google's plan to prevent suicide and domestic violence
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Google's plan to prevent suicide and domestic violence
Google plans to introduce "smarter" artificial intelligence systems, which will work to help keep people safe and prevent "suicide".

The giant company shared new information, yesterday, Wednesday, on how to use highly advanced artificial intelligence systems to prevent suicide and domestic violence, according to the Mashable website.

In addition, Google's search engine will display information with details of how to seek help, when people search for terms related to suicide or domestic violence.

On-screen "boxes" containing phone numbers and other resources for suicide prevention assistance, in a specific country, in partnership with local organizations and experts, will appear when the driver feels that the user has a suicidal tendency.

Thanks to new AI tools, the engine may know that a user's search is linked to suicide, and will show that information, without human guidance.

Google will also publish help information, and numbers of organizations to protect vulnerable people from domestic violence, according to Mashable.
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