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With a radical change .. “Tik Tok” challenges “YouTube” in its favorite stadium

03.03.2022 03:46 AM
With a radical change .. “Tik Tok” challenges “YouTube” in its favorite stadium
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With a radical change .. “Tik Tok” challenges “YouTube” in its favorite stadium
In a radical change aimed at competing with "YouTube", "Tik Tok" announced, on Tuesday, that users of its application will be able to post videos of up to 10 minutes, instead of the previous current limit of 3 minutes.

This decision, which was confirmed to AFP by a TikTok spokesperson, comes less than 8 months after the maximum duration was increased from one minute to 3.

A spokesman for the company, which is affiliated with the Chinese "ByteDance" group, hopes that "this step will provide more opportunities for content producers on the network all over the world."

This change would enable "Tik Tok", which is already specialized in short video clips, to break into the private domain of the "YouTube" network, which is a reference in relation to the video contents produced by users directly.
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