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Robots may appear in small stores by this year!

01.03.2022 10:16 AM
Robots may appear in small stores by this year!
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Robots may appear in small stores by this year!
More than half of small business owners believe they will employ robots by 2035, with a study of 500 small and medium business owners finding that four out of ten of them believe AI will be used to organize the workplace, carry out risky tasks, and for recreational reasons.

The study revealed that as many as 43 percent of small and medium business owners would robots will stock shelves and manufacture products, and 41 percent believe they will completely replace customer services.

With energy prices rising, 41% also think they will rely on renewables to support this technological advance, however, three-quarters of them think it's hard to imagine what the workplace will look like in 13 years, as it is likely to be very different from today. this.
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