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A Study Reveals The Most Listened To Bedtime Music... It's Not Classical!
A study, the results of which were published in the scientific journal "Plus One", revealed that rap and pop music is the preferred choice for a large number of people who prefer to listen to music before bed, and not calm classical music, as most people think.

In detail, the researchers reviewed data from the audio broadcasting service "Spotify" to determine the types of music that people who used to listen to music before bed listened to.

A surprising finding of the study, the researchers reported, was that soft classical music was not reported as highly as rap or pop music.
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Here is how Tech companies are handling Omicron surge!

18.01.2022 05:39 AM
Here is how Tech companies are handling Omicron surge!
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Here is how Tech companies are handling Omicron surge!
Many tech companies are taking extra precautions against the new Omicron variant.
Apple company
Apple is now requiring its employees to get a booster dose of Covid and provide proof of vaccination before entering its office buildings and retail stores. In an internal email seen by The Verge, the iPhone maker said that once an employee is eligible for a booster, they will have four weeks to comply, and said, "Otherwise, they will need to take frequent tests to enter a retail store, partner store or Apple office starting From February 15. Apple will also require unvaccinated employees to submit negative rapid Covid antigen tests before entering the workplace, starting January 24: “As the effectiveness of the initial series of Covid-19 vaccines has waned and highly contagious variants such as Omicron have emerged, the booster shot is now part of keeping up with the vaccine. Covid-19 to protect against severe disease.
Facebook Inc
Last week, Meta said employees who received the Covid booster vaccines would not be allowed into office buildings until it finally reopened. March 28 is another late date for the office to fully reopen as the Covid increase led by Omicron continues, and a Meta spokesperson said: "They will also need evidence of a booster vaccine."
Google Inc
As the Covid infection caused by Omicron is increasing globally especially in the US, Google also said it will now require fully vaccinated workers to come into offices for weekly Covid tests. Google will require anyone who goes to one of its US offices or facilities to receive a negative particle test for COVID-19, CNBC reports, citing an internal memo sent to employees, and employees must also report their vaccination status and wear A-grade masks. surgery while in the office.
“To help prevent further spread of Covid-19 during this period of increased risk, we are implementing new temporary health and safety measures for anyone who accesses our US locations,” a Google spokesperson said. their families.
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