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Here are the top 5 major tech events to look forward to in 2022!

11.01.2022 08:06 AM
Here are the top 5 major tech events to look forward to in 2022!
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Here are the top 5 major tech events to look forward to in 2022!
A few days have passed since 2022 and we are preparing for a year full of major technical events that may compensate us for what has happened in this field since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. In the following lines, we review with you the 5 most prominent technical events that we are waiting for in 2022.

Starlink launched in the Middle East

Everyone has been waiting for the launch of Starlink's satellite internet services since it was announced 3 years ago, and here we residents of the Middle East will have the opportunity to experience the service during 2022.

When you go to the service website, you can search for the availability of satellite internet in your city. Many areas in the Arab countries are expected to have the service available during 2022, while some areas will be delayed until 2023.

If we look at the number of satellites that are located above our region, we will find that all Arab countries have 3 or more satellites, which confirms the approaching availability of the service. The most important question in my opinion is how Starlink will be able to introduce this service in many countries where some companies have a monopoly on Internet services.

Samsung and AMD chips

A few days separate us from the launch of Samsung's new generation of its chips, which will come for the first time with GPUs from AMD. The GPUs in the upcoming chips are based on the RDNA 2 architecture, the same architecture used to develop graphics cards in the latest generation of video game consoles.

The available leaks about the matter say that these chips will bring new technologies for the first time to smartphones and mobile devices such as ray tracing technology.

So far, there is no confirmed information that the new chip will be the Exynos 2200 that is used in the Galaxy S22 phones that will be launched next month.

Mac Pros with Apple M1 Chip

Apple wowed everyone last year when it announced the M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets, which deliver superior performance and powerful graphics performance with low power consumption and thermal emissions that are completely unmatched by x64-based processors.

This year Apple will release the first Mac Pro with its new chip. If you don't understand the importance of it, then let me tell you that this device may be more powerful than any other desktop with Intel or AMD processors and with energy consumption and heat emissions estimated at about 20% of what other companies offer.

The launch of this device at the same rate of superiority achieved by the MacBook Pro compared to its counterpart with Intel processors may make this desktop computer the most powerful in the market.

Tesla CyberTruck

After many delays due to the Coronavirus, everyone is waiting for Tesla to launch its highly anticipated electric car, the Tesla CyberTruck, which is the first fully stainless steel electric vehicle that is resistant to all kinds of shocks and bullets.

The car that is expected to change the concept of electric cars for everyone due to its massiveness, solidity, large payload, and high speed, was supposed to be launched in the last quarter of last year, but as we mentioned, the matter was delayed due to the Coronavirus.

Chip crisis breakthrough

In 2021, the world suffered from a crisis in chips and semiconductors. This crisis led to an increase in the prices of many electronic devices, while greatly affecting the car market due to the failure of factories to work as a result of this shortage.

The year 2022 will witness a breakthrough in this crisis. First, the demand for semiconductors will moderate, as the increasing demand for them due to the spread of the Coronavirus and the general public’s tendency to buy new devices to work from home has disappeared. China's imposition of new restrictions on digital currencies and the decline in the price of Bitcoin will also contribute to the improvement of the situation.
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