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Climate change will get worse in 2022.... This is what the scientists said!

05.01.2022 05:46 AM
Climate change will get worse in 2022.... This is what the scientists said!
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Climate change will get worse in 2022.... This is what the scientists said!
Scientists have warned that there is reason to expect more serious natural disasters in 2022, after a year in which extreme weather events affected many countries around the world.

Scientists: What we are in now, the calm before the storm

Kai Kornhuber, a climate scientist at Columbia University, told Axios: "It seems that the scenarios that we put underestimate these extreme weather events, especially the scenarios that are difficult to predict and prepare for, especially with what happened last year.”

"We will have more information on the state of the climate when the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) releases three new reports, which are currently scheduled for release in September, February and March," Axios said in a report.

Studies, including a report from the IPCC last year, revealed that what we are in today is not a "new normal", but rather a warning of a "more dangerous future".

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