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Top 3 best free video conference apps

14.12.2021 03:12 AM
Top 3 best free video conference apps
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Top 3 best free video conference apps
As the world has become digital over time, webinars and online meetings are gaining increasing popularity. There are many applications to host and contract, but choosing the one that provides the right tools can be difficult. That is why we will save you time by presenting a list of the 3 best applications for conducting online conferences through a smartphone only.

GoToWebinar App

GoToWebinar is a paid webinar hosting service that allows you to connect with people from all over the world. You can use it on any device, making it suitable for anyone. While registering for the GoToWebinar app, you can choose between hosting or attending an event if you wish to host, choose the Host Webinar option, and a comprehensive interface for that host will appear for you to fill out and start the conference. On the other hand, if you select the option to attend a webinar, there are plenty of options available for that as well.

In the GoToWebinar app, you can schedule a webinar, keep track of any upcoming event, and review past events. Some of the exciting features of the app include recording webinars, creating your own channel and video library, 24/7 helpline, and receiving free training. As mentioned earlier, you can use this app on both desktop and mobile. If you are using GoToWebinar for the first time, you will get a free 7-day trial to see how it works and then judge its quality and subscribe.

ClickMeeting App

ClickMeeting is rich in features and is one of the best online conferencing apps whether you are a teacher, coach or manager. The application is also suitable for the self-employed. Like all other apps, you can choose to sign in as an attendee or host. You can also join any webinar using its event ID. Additionally, the app allows you to host up to 25 attendees in a virtual meeting room.

The home page of the app also gives you a sneak peek of upcoming events and you can also mark some events as permanent and keep track of them. Besides, ClickMeeting allows you to save audio, video, PDF, and other files without worrying about storage space. Therefore, you can save your presentation on the app for later delivery. You can also choose from the different languages available on the app and host your webinars globally.

Zoom app

Zoom has gained immense popularity during the lockdown and quarantine period. If you are a student, teacher or employee who works from home, you must have hands-on experience with this app. Although Zoom does not provide automation for webinars, it has many features suitable for hosting webinars directly. Like other apps for hosting webinars, Zoom also comes with features like chat option, file sharing, and screen sharing. Zoom also allows you to start a meeting and send its link to people to enter the meeting. You can also join meetings using the meeting ID and passcode. Not only that, but the app allows the host to mute participants, share the screen, open or close the chat box, use the whiteboard during the meeting, and much more.
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