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A new feature from Tik Tok to help content creators earn extra profit!

09.12.2021 09:53 AM
A new feature from Tik Tok to help content creators earn extra profit!
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A new feature from Tik Tok to help content creators earn extra profit!
TikTok recently introduced the “Creator Next” feature, which is a hub that brings together all the monetization tools of the platform. While the short video platform has already allowed creators to accept virtual gifts from fans while broadcasting live on the app, the new feature set will allow creators to accept payments and gifts not from their live broadcast but by adding And the app announced in a post on the platform, the launch of another feature that allows users to send money “tips” directly to their favorite content creators.

This move is part of Tik Tok's efforts to keep content creators from moving to another application such as Instagram or YouTube.

It is worth noting that the application had launched in the year 2020 the "Creator Fund", which amounted to $ 200 million, where the cash was divided to reward the most famous content creators.

The application began testing the “Tips” feature in the month of October, but the feature became available to all content creators who meet the conditions of “Tik Tok”, meaning that the person is over the age of 18, and his profile has one hundred thousand followers or more.

The platform notes that content creators receive 100 percent of each tip. It is processed through the Stripe payment service, with the tipping user incurring a small fee.

The platform also indicated that it is expanding the direct gifts feature during the live broadcast. This allows viewers to gift diamonds, a virtual currency that can be redeemed for cash.

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