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Here Are The Most Used Emojis of 2021

07.12.2021 05:59 AM
Here Are The Most Used Emojis of 2021
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Here Are The Most Used Emojis of 2021
92 percent of netizens use emojis during their conversations.

The Unicode Consortium, which coordinates the development of Unicode, published a statistic of the ten most used emojis over the course of 2021, which did not change significantly from the 2019 list (the group did not release a list last year).

Topping the list is the "Tears of Joy" (😂), which represents five percent of all emoji uses.

The red heart symbol (❤️) is close to the popularity of "Tears of Joy".

The remaining most used emojis of the year, with the most positive feedback, are:

🤣 - Laughing face rolling on the floor
👍 - thumb raised icon
😭 - crying face out loud
🙏 - The symbol of the hands, which most often expresses thanksgiving or prayer
😘 - Face Qibla
🥰 - Smiling face with three hearts
😍 - Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
😊 - smiley face

It should be noted that the use of health-related emojis has increased significantly in the previous period. Three of them, the hot face (🥵), the troubled face (🥴), and the microbe symbol (🦠) made it to the list of the 100 most used symbols.
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