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This country imposes antitrust fines on Apple, Google!

29.11.2021 05:43 AM
This country imposes antitrust fines on Apple, Google!
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This country imposes antitrust fines on Apple, Google!
Italy's antitrust watchdog has fined Google and Apple each 10 million euros ($11.2 million) for aggressive practices linked to the commercial use of user data.

The Italian Competition and Market Authority found that companies did not provide their users with clear enough information about commercial uses of their data - in violation of the country's consumer law.

The regulator also accuses Google and Apple of spreading aggressive practices to get users to accept commercial processing.

Google is accused of deleting relevant information at the account creation stage. The regulator says this information must be made available so that people can decide whether or not they consent to its use of their data for commercial purposes.

The Italian Competition and Market Authority also accused Apple of failing to immediately provide users with clear information about how it used their information commercially when creating an Apple ID or accessing its digital stores, such as the App Store.

The Italian regulator brings the two companies' practices together in a press release announcing the sanctions. Each one is accused of being particularly aggressive in pushing self-serving trade terms at the expense of their users, especially at the account creation stage.

For Google, the Italian Competition and Market Authority notes that it predetermines user acceptance of commercial processing. It also notes that the search giant failed to provide a clear way for users to later revoke consent to such data transfers or otherwise change their choice after the computation step is completed.

It also takes the view that Apple's approach denies users the ability to properly exercise choice over their commercial use of their data. The regulator argues that the iPhone maker's data acquisition and engineering practices prepare the consumer to accept its commercial terms.

This is an embarrassing accusation for a company that spends significant marketing money on suggesting that its hardware and software outperform alternatives because it claims to put user privacy at the heart of what it does.

Anti-monopoly authority punishes Google and Apple

Apple rejected the findings of the Italian Competition and Market Authority. And she said in a statement: We believe that the opinion of the authority is wrong and we are appealing the decision. Apple has long been committed to the privacy of its users. We work hard to design products and features that protect customer data. We provide transparency and control to all users so they can choose what information they want to share or not and how it is used.

A Google Gel spokeswoman also disagreed with the findings. "We have transparent and fair practices in place in order to provide our users with useful tools and clear information about their use," she said in a statement. We give people simple controls to manage their information and limit the use of personal data. We work hard to be compliant with consumer protection rules. We do not agree with the decision of the Commission and appeal the decision.

And earlier this month. The Italian Competition and Market Authority issued a fine of $230 million (in total) to Apple and Amazon. This is due to alleged complicity in selling Apple products on the Italian Amazon market.
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