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Scientists develop world's first 'mind-reading helmet' that translates brainwaves into words

14.12.2023 02:23 AM
Scientists develop world's first 'mind-reading helmet' that translates brainwaves into words
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Scientists develop world's first 'mind-reading helmet' that translates brainwaves into words
Scientists have developed the world's first mind-reading AI helmet, which translates brainwaves into readable text.

The helmet works, covered with a sensor that monitors specific electrical activity in the brain while the wearer is thinking, and converts it into words.

A team from the University of Technology Sydney created this revolutionary technology and said it could revolutionize the care of patients who have become mute due to stroke or paralysis.

An illustrative video shows a person thinking about a sentence displayed on the screen, which is then transformed into what the AI model has decoded, and the results are almost exactly identical.
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