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The world’s richest people use this top secret, ultra-exclusive mobile app

28.08.2023 03:52 AM
The world’s richest people use this top secret, ultra-exclusive mobile app
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The world’s richest people use this top secret, ultra-exclusive mobile app

A press report revealed the existence of an application on smartphones dedicated to the world's richest people, with an annual subscription price of $30,000.

The New York Post said that the supervisors of the application gave its correspondent the opportunity to view this application, which is characterized by confidentiality and exclusivity.

The information obtained by the reporter indicated that the application is called "Myria", and all those included in it are successful and have a global influence, according to its designer, Ray Flemings.

The newspaper stated that the average wealth of subscribers to the application amounts to 600 million dollars, noting that the application currently serves less than 100 people, while a number of them belong to Silicon Valley, the prominent technology industry region in the United States.

Also, there is a waiting list of 500 people, with hopes that the number of subscribers to the app will rise to 1,000 by the end of 2024.

The journalist did not reveal the names of the participants in the application, but he mentioned that a number of them are CEOs and founders of companies, as well as young men who sold their startups for astronomical sums.

Likewise, the American newspaper reporter also talked about the presence of celebrities, sports stars, and others.

According to the "New York Post", the idea of the application is simple, which is to allow the rich to communicate with whoever they want, out of sight and completely confidential.

For example, if someone wants to travel to Italy and wants a place to stay there, the app gives them access to a mansion that is not available in the digital and advertised rental markets.

With this, the app also allows the rich to get tickets to important matches and the most popular parties, such as the Oscars, and the app seems to be the solution to getting the impossible tickets.

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